Alert Module Setup

The alert module requires an upgraded Twilio account to send texts.

1. Create a Twilio account, use this link to get $10 of free credit. 2. Click on Upgrade project, this will cost $20 but you'll be able to use them to pay for texts.

3. Copy Account SID and Auth Token and paste in Nexus dashboard.

4. Create a Messaging Service in this page. 5. Once you've created a messaging service, copy its SID and input it in Nexus dashboard.

6. Click on the messaging service that you just created and navigate to Sender Pool, then click on Add Senders.

7. If you don't have any, click on Buy more numbers and you'll be able to purchase them - quick link. Here's what you'll need to search in order to find the correct numbers.

Purchase US Local Phone Numbers, they work everywhere and are the cheapest option.

8. After purchasing the numbers you need, follow point 6. 9. At this point your Nexus dashboard should look like the image below.

10. You need to input a Log Channel and decide wether you want to activate OTP (details below). After that hit Save and you're done.

One Time Password or OTP is a numeric code sent to the user's phone number and then required by the bot to ensure validity of said phone number.

Never share Twilio SIDs with anyone who isn't from Nexus.

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