Dedicated Instance Setup

Dedicated instances of Nexus Bot require a separate Discord bot created by you.

Creating a bot is very simple and will require only a couple of minutes even if you're not familiar with the platform.

1. Log into your Discord account. 2. Navigate to this page. 3. Click on New Application button.

4. Input the Name of your bot.

5. Navigate to the Bot page.

6. Click on Add Bot button.

7. Input the name of your bot (will be shown in Discord) and upload an avatar by clicking on the Icon default image.

8. Click on Copy under Click to Reveal Token and store it for later. 9. In the same page, under the Build-A-Bot settings, make sure that the toggles look like the image below.

10. Follow the image below (1 to 5) to obtain the Invite Link with the correct level of permissions.

12. Paste the link in your browser and add the bot to your server. 13. Join this server, open a ticket and send both your token and invite link.

Never share the Token with anyone who isn't from Nexus.

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